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Meet Don Moore

Donald Moore resident of Troy and retired U. S. Marine. He currently serves as a member of the Madison County Board and is now running to be your conservative voice in Springfield. Don is looking forward to bringing his 20 years of budgeting expertise to Springfield to put an end to wasteful spending in Illinois. Don’s values are based in three important areas: Faith, Family and Freedoms.



Don is running for office to bring true conservative values and principles to state government. Our families deserve to be represented by a leader who will stand up and not waiver when it comes to seeking a fiscally conservative approach to solving Illinois’ debt problem.

Reducing State Debt

Our families, friends and neighbors can no longer be forced to cut their personal budgets to make up for the lack of political backbone to address and recognize Illinois’ runaway debt.

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Lowering Taxes

Taxpayers have delivered what has been asked of them, it’s time to send legislators to Springfield that will represent their best interests. Don is results driven. His words become his actions and he will deliver representation to the 108th District like they have never seen before.

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Courage in the Capitol

Honor, Courage, and Commitment are the values by which Don has lived his life and the values he will uphold on your behalf to Springfield. We need leaders with courage to make the right decisions and who are accountable to our state and our families.

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